5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Why opt for a Photo Booth at your wedding?

When you mention a photo booth, most people picture a tiny box where they have to squeeze in to take photos. Open air photo booths are a great way to offer high quality photos and a fun experience without being crammed into a box.

An open air photo booth at a wedding is what you need to ensure that your guests have fun to the fullest...here’s why:

Pixilated at the Pittsburgh Marathon: Round 2! | Green Monster Green Screen Activation

Over the past few years, GNC has been a great partner for Pixilated.  They have brought us on trips with them all over the country to bring amazing and fun photo activations to each city we deploy in.  One of the biggest events we work together on is GNC's setup at the Pittsburgh marathon.  GNC is a proud Pittsburgh based business and they love their city.  Thus, they wanted to provide an attraction that would catch everyone's eye and represent Pittsburgh.  Enter Pixilated and our Green Monster Backdrop with a live slideshow.