The #Harlem1Miler Gets Pixilated!

The #Harlem1Miler, presented by Harlem United, empowers and encourages people of all fitness levels within urban communities to get fit! The race, which is in its third year, takes place at Marcus Gavey Park in Harlem, NYC. This year Under Armour brought Pixilated along to provide runners with a photo memento to remember their experience by. 

We sent Scott, a long time Pixilator, and Ian, our Lead Tech, to NYC to help the #Harlem1Miler Get Pixilated! Scott and Ian took over the Pixilated Instagram Story to give you a sneak peek into the activation. Check it out below!

We kept it simple with a GIF Kiosk with Prints. Participants received a digital GIF from their 3 photos as well as a classic 4x6 strip, both customized by Under Armour. 

The community vibes at the race were incredible and it showed at our activation! People of all ages came together to make funny faces, congratulate each other, and capture the excitement of the day. 

Were you at the #Harlem1Miler? Click here to download your photo and GIF for free!

Pride Gets Pixilated

Each June, The Capital Pride Alliance hosts a week of celebratory events for the LGBTA community. This festival has been a staple in the Nation’s Capital since the early 1970’s, and is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world. With the help of The Washington Blade and Aol, Pride got Pixilated this year.

 We kicked off the week on Wednesday with the Washington Blade and DC Brau #PridePils Launch Yappy Hour. This event celebrated the launch of Blade and DC Brau’s limited edition Pride themed beer, complete with a rainbow unicorn adorned can designed by Josette Matoto. The beer was delicious, the pups were in their best dress, and the Pixilated green screens were a huge hit! Our graphic design team embraced the vibrant spirit of the evening to create a truly unique experience for the guests.


After taking a beat to catch our breath (and crack open a couple of cold Pride Pilsners), we prepped for the big event on Sunday. Situated on the tail end of the National Equality March, this year’s pride festival theme was Unapologetically Proud. Despite blistering heat, the enthusiasm in the festival grounds was electric.

Aol’s tent was filled with rainbow flags, positive energy, and a giant Pixilated green screen. Guests from all over the country lined up to embrace Aol’s Lead with Pride themed Pixilated kiosk. Visitors were also able to embrace #LeadWithPride by posting their photo from the weekend on Twitter or Instagram and then using the Pixi hashtag printer to walk away with a personal memory of their experience at Pride!


Over at the Washington Blade tent, the focus shifted to the protection of journalism. Guests picked up a copy of Blade’s Pride issue and filled an empty space on the cover with a heartfelt expression of what brought them to the Equality March, then proudly held up their personalized issue for the Pixilated team to capture.


Pixilated was honored to be a part of this year’s Capital Pride Festival. The incredible outpouring of love and openness that permeated throughout Washington during Capital Pride was awe-inspiring. We cannot wait to see what next year brings!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Why opt for a Photo Booth at your wedding?

When you mention a photo booth, most people picture a tiny box where they have to squeeze in to take photos. Open air photo booths are a great way to offer high quality photos and a fun experience without being crammed into a box.

An open air photo booth at a wedding is what you need to ensure that your guests have fun to the’s why:

Pixilated at the Pittsburgh Marathon: Round 2! | Green Monster Green Screen Activation

Over the past few years, GNC has been a great partner for Pixilated.  They have brought us on trips with them all over the country to bring amazing and fun photo activations to each city we deploy in.  One of the biggest events we work together on is GNC's setup at the Pittsburgh marathon.  GNC is a proud Pittsburgh based business and they love their city.  Thus, they wanted to provide an attraction that would catch everyone's eye and represent Pittsburgh.  Enter Pixilated and our Green Monster Backdrop with a live slideshow.

We're Off and Running... Err... Biking! | Our Weekend with Under Armour and Bridge the Gap DC

If you've been keeping up with Pixilated recently, it may seem as though we're always on the move.  And, that's because we quite literally are!  From flying to Nashville and Vegas, to driving all over our home state of Maryland, we're never taking a break!  But when Under Armour asked us to join them for a weekend in DC to help bring fun social sharing to Bridge the Gap DC, we were moving like we'd never done before!