5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Holiday Party


Why opt for a Photo Booth at your holiday party?

When people think of a photo booth, the image that often comes to mind is that of a claustrophobic box. Open air photo booths are an alternative photo solution that provide studio quality photos and a memorable experience without being squished into a small space.

An open air photo booth at a company party is a guaranteed way to make sure attendees completely enjoy themselves...here’s why:

1. More People In Each Photo!

There is no party defining moment quite like the in the moment group shot, and an open photo experience serves the opportunity to take one  on silver platter. The kiosk can handle many people (we’ve had up to 25) taking photos all at once without sacrificing the photo booth feeling that everyone loves.

2. More Creative Props

An open air photo booth includes more props that put your friends in a position to curate a variety of poses which makes taking photos much more engaging and cool. Being in the open photo booth will allow people to try on different props and styles while also having space to rock out and move around.

3. Professional Quality Photos

An open air photo booth is designed to have space for the attendant to set up professional lighting and use an even better camera. This is a great thing that will allow you to have more high-quality photos than if you were using an enclosed booth. You can take some of these photos and hang them around the office or frame them on your desk without having to worry about the quality.

4. Easy to Customize

You can customize the background of the photo kiosk into anything that you can picture. This is because there is more space for decorations and creativity. The best thing about an open photo booth is that you can still customize it on site. This allows you to style themed photos with matching props. This is a bit difficult to achieve when you are using an enclosed booth.

5. Photo Bomb Potential

It is impossible to photo bomb a photo being taken in a tiny enclosed box. However, Pixilated gives the perfect chance to execute a flawless photo bomb as many times as you would like. Photo bombing makes the experience much more fun and entertaining.

Now that you’re armed with information on how to create a great photo booth experience, check out how Pixilated’s open air photo booths can bring fun to your holiday event! Get more information here.

Nicolas ChinaComment