Pixilated Peace and Happiness, Bohemian Dreamer!

Your unconventional heart and breezy, Boho nature always set the tone for carefree adventure and free-flowing fearlessness. At your upcoming event, you’ll decorate the room in subtle earth tones and bold, contrasting prints.

You’ll upcycle wine bottles and tin cans for centerpieces, on which you’ll paint lyrical verses from Moulin Rouge and RENT, exalting the most glorious pursuits of music, art, literature, spirituality, and love. Your invitations have been printed on eco-friendly, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and each of your guests has the option to plant a tree or adopt a shelter pet, rather than purchase you a present off some registry.

All that’s left is to decide on event photography, and you know the PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth, with unlimited photo sessions, is the perfect fit. You want partygoers to take a lot of pictures, but without all the wasteful printing that typical, self-service photo booths promote.

The PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth Bohemian Theme will encourage your guests’ creative expression, capturing each special moment with the artistic, peaceful frame of their choosing. Everyone will then have access to a gallery where they can be deliberate and environmentally conscious in deciding which pictures to print or post.

Once you’ve ordered your self-service PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth, we’ll ship it to you anywhere in the US and then you’ll ship it back when the event is over, with free shipping on all orders.

While you await its arrival, head to the secondhand shop and get thrifting! Your prop table cannot be complete without colorful scarves, floppy hats, thick belts, and chunky, wooden jewelry. Pixilated peace and happiness, Bohemian dreamer!

Your event is sure to be a rhapsody of spontaneity and style.

Bohemian Theme PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth
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