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PixiCloud: A True Story

Why we decided to build PixiCloud

I'm writing to follow up on a previous blog post I wrote about the Pixilated equity crowdfunding campaign currently running on MicroVentures. As a reminder, Pixilated is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and we offer photo marketing software for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Although there are a ton of documents and information available about our companies financial track record and the market opportunity for PixiCloud I thought it might make sense to double back on what makes Pixilated a success; the operators.

Pixilated was started just short of seven years ago with a few thousand dollars and a plan to build something special. What followed is a level of success even we couldn't have imagined. Day after day, week after week and year after year the leadership team at Pixilated have bootstrapped the company slowly but surely into a local powerhouse events company with clients as diverse as Under Armour & Johns Hopkins University.

Along the way, we not only learned how to take the meager capital we had on hand and turn it into something far greater but also the value of grit and powering ourselves through the iterations of building our business. We've learned to retain our best clients and leverage their use cases to build through new verticals all the while unlocking the secrets and limitations to scaling our company.

One of the greatest opportunities we discovered was the unique point of view we had on events marketing. The challenge was that we weren't able to bring many of those ideas to life because we were using an antiquated, locally based software solution when really we should have been using a cloud-based solution that allowed for innovation on behalf of our clients.

Ultimately, this is what led us to build PixiCloud and the need to continue raising capital to fund further development. We believe our platform can become the industry standard for lead capture via photo marketing for brands both big and small.

As mentioned in our previous email, we have an equity crowdfunding round open on MicroVentures and have been audited and evaluated by 3rd party professional firms and our due diligence info ready to go for investors. Here's the link: https://app.microventures.com/crowdfunding/pixilated

Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to hop on a quick call. Thanks again for your time.


Patrick Rife | CVO | Co-founder

Intro to PixiCloud; or, Alexa is always listening, get a PixiBooth instead

So you’ve heard about Pixilated- awesome. You’ve heard about our PixiBooth- awesome again. How much do you know about PixiCloud, though? I was brought on board to make sure that you know what PixiCloud is and what it does by the time the end of times comes (August 12, 2087 according to my highly scientific research of guessing).


PixiCloud is a marketing lead generation software. All of our PixiBooths operate on it. Your guests, customers, and any escaped prisoners you are harboring use the PixiBooth to snap a great picture. Then, they can swipe through custom, branded overlays to add to said great picture.

Once they’ve decided on their overlay, they input their cell phone number or email address to have the photo sent to them. This is where the ingenious part happens. The booth calls the police on you for harboring a fugitive. Just kidding! That’s Alexa, who is always listening and knows everything about you because this is the Bad Place. You set a custom, outbound message to accompany all pictures. This could be promoting your business, a new product or offering, or gamifying the process by offering prizes to people who post their picture and use your hashtag.


While all of this happens, PixiCloud will store and organize all of your marketing leads for you! Your guests now have great, branded photos for them to share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever app some now-billionaire 19 year old has developed. You’ve given them a call to action to return to your business, and PixiCloud provides you with neat, organized contact lists to upload into your favorite email or text marketing program.

The PixiCloud software is incredibly user friendly, so even your Dad who doesn’t understand what an iPhone is can probably figure it out in between asking you his email password or yelling at his Smart TV remote you got him for Christmas because it won’t recognize him yelling, “NCIS! NCIS!” like a madman at it.


PixiCloud is powerful, easy to use, and packed with features that allow you to fully brand your PixiBooth for your business. Want to learn more about PixiCloud? Give me a call. In a room with no Alexa device. I can’t have her calling the cops on me. Again.

Zach Wade | CEO of MakeOffices | Pixilated Universe Video Interview

Last year, Pixilated forged a partnership with the 17th & Market MakeOffices location in Philadelphia, PA. What we thought would be a cool opportunity to put a stake in the ground in another city, scoop up a mailing address for SEO purposes and have one more PixiCloud kiosk out in the world has turned into so much more.

How These Baltimore Startups Are Using Equity Crowdfunding to Raise Money

Pixilated, MoeJoe Brewing, and Arbit are democratizing the investment process

By Renee Beck

BaltMag Image.jpg

With as little as $100, you can own a part of your favorite local company. Thanks to equity crowdfunding, several Baltimore-based startups are turning to user-focused funding options to help accelerate their businesses in exchange for a portion of company ownership.

Traditionally, only accredited investors with greater amassed wealth or income could invest in private companies, but the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was created in 2012 to increase investment in small businesses after the recession. Patrick Rife and Nicolas China, co-founders of Baltimore-based photo booth and marketing technology company Pixilated, are running their first equity crowdfunding round through June 27.

"It's imperative to tap into your tribe," China says. "Our fans shout our praises and help us spread the word, so activating your customer base is crucial. Our customers validate everything that we're doing."

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