Bring Your Disco Party to Life with a Far Out Photo Experience

A groovy disco-themed photo booth — can you dig it!?

While you’re hustling to put the finishing touches on the disco dance floor, decorate the room with the most groovy patterns and brightly colored lights you can find.

Whether you’re hosting a high school reunion, a festive fiesta, or a celebration of staying alive, your 70’s event won’t be complete without a record jockey who can put four on the floor.

Hang the album art from your favorite LPs, hop on the love train, and get ready to get down tonight with the PixiTAB Digital Disco Dots Photo Booth Theme. Stellar circles of light and color will anoint each image when they dim all the lights.

Can you dig it?

Your guests will record every leisure suit and metallic miniskirt in their unlimited, self-serve PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth sessions, sprinkling a bit of disco pixel magic on each sparkling shot.

We won’t bogart the pictures – they’ll all be uploaded to an online gallery for you and your fellow movers and shakers to shake, shake, share, and enjoy.

We’ll ship to any crib in the United States and, after the gig, you’ll ship it back, with free shipping on all orders. That’s the way (we like it). Let your wild locks loose and step into your platform boots, because a mirrored disco ball is spinning on the ceiling, and you should be dancing.

Roller-skate into a far-out photography experience because Pixilated takes your party to the max!  

Disco Dots PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth
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