Getting and Giving Value with Sponsorships

At Pixilated, we get a lot of requests for full donations of our photo booths.  Nonprofits, businesses, and individuals alike are all running on budgets.  While we wish we could donate our services to everyone, we are a small business.  The amount of full donations we can make are quite limited.

When these requests come in and we can’t give full donations, photo booth tends to fall to the wayside as a luxury expense.  Something unnecessary to a successful event.


Well, we’re here to tell you that this just isn’t true.  In fact, a Pixilated photo booth can be one of the best items you can use to attract real $$$ sponsors to your event.  It is also one of the best sponsorship requests your company can make, and is one of the most unique items a nonprofit can suggest as a perk for sponsors to receive.  

Think I’m kidding?  A sponsorship package can include a totally branded and immersive experience for your guests. From branded backdrops, prints, booth screens, snapchat filters, texts, emails, all the way to a lead capture of a targeted audience.  That’s way better than their logo on a sign no one will see again.

Check out the Free To Breathe 5K Run/ Walk in Philadelphia.  The Fox Chase Cancer Center teamed up with Free To Breathe to bring Pixilated to the event.  They ordered a custom back drop with logos front and center.  Everyone who takes a photo sees their name and sees their message.  Easy.

Andersen Corporation wanted professionals in their field to know they support their business community, but also know how to let loose.  Communicated right on the Pixilated print out at the RDJ Welcome Party.

These are tangible services that attendees can interact with and sponsors can measure and appreciate.  That means your top sponsorship level will be more popular than ever. Download our overview on how Pixilated can show off your sponsor's brand and shake up your next fundraising meeting!