Jimmy's Famous Seafood | Bringing Photo Fun to Local Traditions

We recently started a series dedicated to showing how Pixilated is helping organizations with historic and strong community roots, enhance attendee experiences at their events.  The Walters Art Museum was our first stop as we explored how one of Baltimore's oldest institutions is using 21st century events technology to build their brand.  

Next up is a Baltimore seafood staple, Jimmy's Famous Seafood.  Jimmy's opened in 1974, which doesn't seem too old for Monument City, but the restaurant has captured the love of the city for its world famous crab cakes.  Jimmy's renowned food has made it more than a local eatery, but a Mid-Atlantic destination. Pixilated has had it's fair share of good times capturing why people love Jimmy's so much.

Baltimore restaurants and bars are known for being blue collar and keeping things simple with their food.  Jimmy's is the same, using family recipes since it's opening.  But where Jimmy's differs from your typical local spot is their talent for marketing and creating fun experiences.  

Take Jimmy's annual Super Bowl Party for example.  This event sells out yearly and brings their community together in one place for laughs and plenty of food-- no matter who's playing in the big game.  Jimmy's adds an extra splash of excitement to the event by inviting Pixilated to join.  Jimmy's partners with a liquor sponsor to rent our photo booth, and all of a sudden photo magic is in the air.

Custom vinyl backdrop in every shot, social accounts getting blown up with tags and mentions, and our favorite, custom photo prints being tacked on refrigerators, bedroom mirrors, and dorm walls.  Things you can look back on once the food is devoured and the beer is guzzled.  That's how memories are made and value is gained.  The Pixilated way.