Make Your 80’s Party the Raddest and Baddest!

No Whammies!

Totally tubular, dude! Your awesome 80’s party cannot possibly get started without caking on your peacock blue eyeshadow, slipping on your neon leg warmers, tying back your teased coif in a fluffy scrunchie, and shaking up your shoulder pads.

It doesn’t matter if you’re preppy, dweeby, gnarly or a total Valley Girl. Rewind those cassette tapes, organize those vinyl records, and raise the boombox over your shoulders for maximum effect.

Make your event even more rad by adding a PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth with unlimited, self-serve photo sessions. No whammies and no need to phone home! Your crew will be stoked.

Cut footloose for photos and select the PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth 80’s Party Theme.

Your photo booth ships to you anywhere in the US and you’ll just ship it back when your guests have gone home to watch MTV. It’s free shipping both ways – so major! Every picture will be uploaded to an online gallery for you and your friends to select, share, and print.

You’re taking the whole team back to the future, and you might as well give them an epic way to play in that fun, wacky style. For an added 80’s effect, decorate your prop table with oversized, cardboard cut-outs of brightly colored lightning bolts, Rubik’s cubes, Tetris blocks, and Pacman iconography.

Give Ferris the day off, get pretty in pink, and tell your wingman you feel the need for speed. Get weird wearing all the press-on nails, giant bows, and Aviator shades you can handle, and give your guests a Pixilated experience they’ll never forget.


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