Open Houses Help Open Doors | Urbanstems Flower Wall & the BMI

Howdy Pixi-people!  Here at Pixilated things have been moving and shaking (not just because we put out a sweet new playlist).  But all of these new happenings meant, we didn't get the chance to write about an exciting event we did about a month ago. 

On January 10th, the Baltimore Museum of Industry hosted a Wedding Open House where soon to be married couples could explore to find DJs, florists, caterers, and more!  We were honored to be the premier photo booth in attendance, so we wanted to make sure we took the opportunity and knocked it out of the park!

Cue our friends at Urbanstems .  In the past, we have partnered with Urbanstems to create beautiful flower wall backdrops for events with City Garage, Betamore, Plank Industries, and Sagamore Ventures.  So we thought it could be a hit if we offered flower wall backdrops as purchasable items for weddings!

Boy were we right!  Attendees could not take enough photos in our booth!  Few things are social media gold quite like sharing a picture of you and your boo posing in front of posies... and other flowers.  

We love collaborating with our event partners to bring you new and innovative ways to celebrate any occasion.  We even feature some of them on the "Our Team" page of our website (we see you Intrinsic Events).  That's how seriously we take our partnerships.  

Check out our video from the event below! 

So do you think you might be interested in a flower wall photo booth for your wedding?  Have an idea for your wedding and want to see if we can pull it off?  Let us know by filling out the contact form in the top right sidebar of this page!  We'd love to hear from you.  

Stay classy and stay pixilated.