5 Ways to Incorporate a Photo Booth into your Sports Marketing

1. Make it interactive


Create engaging activations that will make fans feel like they're on the field. You'll have unique content to post on social media and they'll leave your tent feeling like a pro! 

2. Get creative with props


Avoid static photos by creating custom props that'll bring out the goofy side of your fans. From gigantic heads to bats and bases - the prop possibilities are endless! 

3. Run a contest

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 4.27.37 PM.png

Boost social engagement by using the photo booth as a tool to run contests on Instagram and more. Get trending by prompting fans to post their photo with your hashtag for the chance to win big! 

4. Bring in the photo op


Use a photo booth to make your celebrity photo op move quickly and efficiently. The set up and stability of the photo booth, guarantees the perfect shot every time - plus the ability for every participant to receive their photo instantly.  

5. Sponsor a local tailgate


Get in front of real fans, before the game, where they want to hang out most. Plus, you'll receive major kudos for providing an awesome experience! 

Jolie Kumin2 Comments