PixiCloud: A True Story

Why we decided to build PixiCloud

I'm writing to follow up on a previous blog post I wrote about the Pixilated equity crowdfunding campaign currently running on MicroVentures. As a reminder, Pixilated is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and we offer photo marketing software for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Although there are a ton of documents and information available about our companies financial track record and the market opportunity for PixiCloud I thought it might make sense to double back on what makes Pixilated a success; the operators.

Pixilated was started just short of seven years ago with a few thousand dollars and a plan to build something special. What followed is a level of success even we couldn't have imagined. Day after day, week after week and year after year the leadership team at Pixilated have bootstrapped the company slowly but surely into a local powerhouse events company with clients as diverse as Under Armour & Johns Hopkins University.

Along the way, we not only learned how to take the meager capital we had on hand and turn it into something far greater but also the value of grit and powering ourselves through the iterations of building our business. We've learned to retain our best clients and leverage their use cases to build through new verticals all the while unlocking the secrets and limitations to scaling our company.

One of the greatest opportunities we discovered was the unique point of view we had on events marketing. The challenge was that we weren't able to bring many of those ideas to life because we were using an antiquated, locally based software solution when really we should have been using a cloud-based solution that allowed for innovation on behalf of our clients.

Ultimately, this is what led us to build PixiCloud and the need to continue raising capital to fund further development. We believe our platform can become the industry standard for lead capture via photo marketing for brands both big and small.

As mentioned in our previous email, we have an equity crowdfunding round open on MicroVentures and have been audited and evaluated by 3rd party professional firms and our due diligence info ready to go for investors. Here's the link: https://app.microventures.com/crowdfunding/pixilated

Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to hop on a quick call. Thanks again for your time.


Patrick Rife | CVO | Co-founder