Pixilated at the Pittsburgh Marathon: Round 2! | Green Monster Green Screen Activation

Over the past few years, GNC has been a great partner for Pixilated.  They have brought us on trips with them all over the country to bring amazing and fun photo activations to each city we deploy in.  One of the biggest events we work together on is GNC's setup at the Pittsburgh marathon.  GNC is a proud Pittsburgh based business and they love their city.  Thus, they wanted to provide an attraction that would catch everyone's eye and represent Pittsburgh.  Enter Pixilated and our Green Monster Backdrop with a live slideshow.

Our Green Monster Over-sized Backdrop is 10ft x 12ft and is hard for event attendees to miss.  People will come over to check out the giant green cloth, without knowing what it is.  That's why we paired it with our live slideshow.  This way, when on lookers approached, they would see the screen and then see the TV playing a slideshow of filled in backgrounds.  We had shots of marathon runners, The Incline, Heinz Field, and the Pittsburgh skyline.  This allowed marathon participants and their supporters to create a true Pittsburgh themed momento for the event.  

Over the course of our 2- day activation, we had numerous families come through, some multiple times.  Attendees loved being able to take multiple shots using different poses to match the background.  Allowing the people being photographed to use their creativity to make the photo their own is a key value at Pixilated.  And we can't wait to see how you get Pixilated next!