Perfectly Picture Every Pixilated Pansy and Peony

Tie a yellow ribbon on your Panama hat and steam the wrinkles from your daisy dress.  

Wrap the table in burlap and assemble the paper lanterns. Polish the mason jars and fill them with floral-scented candles.

Hang the fairy lights from the fence posts, because your garden party is about to begin.

Choose the Flower Photo Booth Theme for your PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth as a prelude to the prettiest party on the block. Whether you are throwing a birthday, anniversary, luau, or book launch, this sweet theme lends a delicate and feminine touch to any festivity.


Your PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth will be shipped to your location anywhere in the United States, and when the party is over, you’ll ship it back, with free shipping on all orders. As your lovely, linen-clad guests arrive to this elegant event, they’ll be greeted by a floral, pictorial opportunity.

They’ll step up to the self-serve booth and easily feel pulled into the beautiful blooms of the outdoors, taking that first picture in anticipation of the bountiful harvest ahead. With unlimited photo sessions, everyone is sure to enjoy taking glamorous shot after shot. Every picture is then uploaded to an online photo gallery, where you and your guests can choose to save, share, or print as many of the images as desired.

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of fresh flowers, especially one free of insects and allergens? As your sensational soiree continues, partygoers will return again and again to team up with friends, share images on social media, and perfectly picture every Pixilated pansy and peony.

Flowers PixiTAB Digital Photo Booth
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