Take Me Out to the Ball Game | Opening Day Activations with MASN

One thing we pride ourselves on at Pixilated is our ability to produce multiple, amazing, photo experiences simultaneously.  We have a rock star team of Pixilators who work our events and are willing to travel just about anywhere we ask them to.  So it's comforting to know when a client such as MASN (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network), asks you to run two Opening Day activations for them at Camden Yards and Nationals Park, you have the team who can pull it off.  And really, they did more than pulling it off.  They produced two high-quality events that mirrored each other in effectiveness, with two different brand messages, well over 30 miles apart.  

Pixilated has done sporting events before, but we had clear expectations going into these events.  MASN wanted to give fans an easy and fun way to show off their team pride on Opening Day, but also to encourage fans to connect with their favorite teams via MASN's text alerts.  These messages give fans score updates, injury news, and other info related to team players and games.  So every time a guest would send themselves a text or email of their photo from our booth, they would also receive short instructions on how to sign up.

With Pixilated's photo sharing capabilities working alongside MASN's event crew, who passed out info cards also detailing the text alerts, everyone in Baltimore and DC knew the best place to get their baseball news.  Our team was clad in O's/Nats' gear and we brought our own props to match the occasions.  Fans couldn't get enough of the booths, and with MASN's targeted social media strategy, fans were able to receive their message while having a blast.

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