The Pixi | Hashtag Printing Simplified

Here at Pixilated, we’re pretty excited to introduce our newest product: The Pixi. Now, your party guests can snap, post, and print any photos they want from their own mobile devices. Here’s how it works-

1: Turn on The Pixi and pick a unique and custom hashtag

2: Encourage party-goers to post photos via social media using the hashtag you’ve chosen

3: Once a photo is posted with the chosen hashtag, the photo can be selected for printing.  All print-outs are brandable to fit your event!

That’s it. Super simple. The best part? Our customers LOVE it.


From a creative perspective, the Pixi brings a unique experience to it’s users by putting the camera in their hands. Rather than posing for a photo- the Pixi enables party guests to take their own photos (yes, selfies included), edit it as they wish, and print immediately. When party-goers realize that any and all of their photos can be printed, they are motivated to take higher quality and more exciting photos while at your event.


In addition to promoting better photography, the Pixi also promotes MORE photography and, in turn, boosts your event’s social reach. When guests are given the opportunity to print their photos on-site (once they post to social media using your custom hashtag, of course), the result is MORE posts, tweets, shares, views, likes, impressions.

At eTail West, an international retail convention, thousands of attendees were encouraged by The Pixi to post photos including the hashtag #etailwest. The results were... well, see for yourself:


Pens, pencils, bottle openers, bouncy balls. How many of these party favors do we keep and how many get put in a drawer, or better yet, the trash? With the Pixi, give your guests something that they’re proud to share via social media and take home. We find that our guests keep photos printed by the Pixi for longer than any other takeaway- not only on their refrigerator but on their Instagram feeds as well.  All the while, your brand is seen on a fresh 4x6 layout for years to come.