Turning Memories Into Mementos | Photos Are For More Than Social Media

In recent years, photo booths have started to realize that it's the 21st century. Technology has slowly been improving around features and upgrades that you can purchase for your booth rental.  Need to email or text photos to yourself straight from the booth?  Done.  Want to feel as though you're on a California beach, while it's 30 degrees in DC?  Transported.  Interested in turning your photos into GIFs?  Animated.

Beach Green Screen

Your photo booth experience is becoming more and more customizable and digital.  And that's awesome.  We love this digital transition.  It makes our job easier and allows us to create unforgettable experiences for you.  Nothing makes us happier than that.  But we're admittedly the sentimental sort. 

We love holding those 4x6 custom prints and looking at test photos from events long gone.  We even have a wall full of 'em in our office.

However, sometimes you come across those prints where two of your three shots are great.  Stunning even.  But, alas, there's that third shot.  

The one that has you looking like you're not sure where you are.  The one that has your significant other with their eyes closed.  The one that has your friend adjusting their banana suit mid-photo and it doesn't turn out quite right.  

You know the one.

Now there is value in having those pics.  Seeing the flaws in them and loving the memories anyway is comforting.  But, wouldn't it be nice to just have that photo of your romantic kiss?  Maybe even having that picture from your sister's bridal shower where the light hit you just right?  Well fear not.  You can have all of this and more.  

Did you know you can find your photos in your event gallery we host, and design cool gifts and prints right from that page?  The perfect melding of the digital future and our sentimental selves.  

You just click on the photo you like, choose "Buy Photo," then "This Photo," and all of a sudden a new world of birthday gifts and personal mementos has opened up to you.  

Mugs, phone cases, canvases, you name it.  Now you have more ways to remember all the good times you shared with your boss at that conference in Philadelphia.  

Tell ya what.  Here's a discount code to make your purchase even more enjoyable.  Use code PixiPrints10 to get 10% off any prints you order.  

What was that? Aw shucks.  We love you too.

Have questions about purchasing items from your Smugmug gallery?  Is your photo in a gallery that's part of Pixilated history and can't find it?  Drop us a line with the contact form at the top right.  We're always here to help.

Thanks for reading and for always thinking of new ways to #getpixilated.