We're Off and Running... Err... Biking! | Our Weekend with Under Armour and Bridge the Gap DC

If you've been keeping up with Pixilated recently, it may seem as though we're always on the move.  And, that's because we quite literally are!  From flying to Nashville and Vegas, to driving all over our home state of Maryland, we're never taking a break!  But when Under Armour asked us to join them for a weekend in DC to help bring fun social sharing to Bridge the Gap DC, we were moving like we'd never done before!

First off, Under Armour knows how to get Pixilated in our photo booths, and they know we can push the limits of an amazing photo experience.  So they asked us to bring a classic kiosk for photo fun during shake out runs for the Monument Relay.  Simple.  Then, they also asked if we could do full body GIFs for an after party Saturday night.  It took some tweaking to one of our booths, but we made it happen.  And finally, we were asked if we were able to supply roaming photographers during the Monument Relay Shake Out Runs, who could bike to key locations before the runners arrived and capture pics of the groups.  Biking photographers?  That's a first, but Pixilated hasn't ever strayed away from trying to produce new experiences.

Armed with our assembled team of photographers including Julie Andersen, Giovani Vargas, and our own Pixilators, we headed to DC to cause some social media noise.  Not even the rainy weather was going to get in our way.  If these runners were up for the challenge, so were we.  From the Capitol Building, to the Washington Monument, to the Lincoln Memorial, we were getting the shot.

 But all work and no play make completing a job difficult, so before and after the runs, we hosted some ways for runners to cut loose and relax.  We posted up at The Potomac River Running Store and Big Chief with a 12 ft backdrop, so the athletes who we *tried* to keep up with could still get their photos.  

All in all, we created some amazing content, that people couldn't wait to share.  We call that a successful weekend at Pixilated.