Zach Wade | CEO of MakeOffices | Pixilated Universe Video Interview

Zach Wade & Patrick Rife

Zach Wade & Patrick Rife

Last year, Pixilated forged a partnership with the 17th & Market MakeOffices location in Philadelphia, PA. What we thought would be a cool opportunity to put a stake in the ground in another city, scoop up a mailing address for SEO purposes and have one more PixiCloud kiosk out in the world has turned into so much more.

Since then we've expanded to MakeOffices locations in Washington D.C. & Chicago and built a great relationship with the team that brings the concept to life. Zach Wade, MakeOffices CEO, has been incredibly supportive of our product and vision from day one. Rolling a new product out in the world is challenging to say the least so early support is critical.

Our partnership with MakeOffices has allowed us to gain a broader national footprint much more quickly and provided an incredible amount of outside exposure we didn't have before. We have more eyeballs on our brand that were aquired through new channels which has given us fresh perspectives and applications for PixiCloud.

I sat down with Zach for a conversation around why the MakeOffices model is succeeding, what unique insights real estate developers bring to the co-working model and why the devil is always in the details.

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