Philadelphia GIF Photo Booth Rental

It’s time to make your event the talk of the town where soft pretzels and extra-cheese cheesesteaks reign. How? 3 words. GIF photo booth.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a secret bash for your 85-year-old grandpa or you’re unveiling your companies next big idea. We’re here to help you get your gathering going with a photo booth that will engage your guests and keep them talking.

Discover what all the buzz is all about. Contact us today to talk about renting a photo booth. Not located directly in Philly? No problem! We can travel around the area!

Why GIFs are hotter than hot

GIF photo booths are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason: They’re tons of fun and add a new perspective to your gathering.

Why settle for the usual when you can turn it up a notch? We equip our photo booths with special software that allows you to turn a series of images into a full-blown GIF. The GIF can then be accessed by partygoers and uploaded anywhere they like. Suddenly, your gathering will be on the pages of all the biggest social media channels, in text message and anywhere else they’re sent around town.

You’ve never seen excitement or creativity until you watch the way partiers flock to make their own unique GIF. It’s like a fun magnet — and it’ll ratchet up the energy in any crowd!

Want to go beyond a solid color background? Go anywhere you want with a custom green screen!

Renting from Pixilated

Know your preferred date? Have it already locked in place? Give us a buzz and we’ll reserve a setup to match your budget.

Your rental will include everything you need to absolutely kick it and solidify your event as THE place to be. Let Pixilated be your partner in animated fun!