Philadelphia Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

Philly pride is on the rise, so why not bring it to your next party? It’s super easy with a green screen photo booth rental from Pixilated! #Philadelphia

We utilize the latest green screen technology to transport your guests to local hotspots or anywhere else your imagination takes you. Their backgrounds can transport them instantly to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the outrageously beautiful city skyline to anywhere else in the City of Brotherly Love as a few examples.

Talk to our team about your ideas and we’ll help you bring your event to life.

How our green screens work

Want a photo booth but want something beyond a solid color backdrop? Green screens allow you to have tremendous flexibility and control while giving your guests something to talk about for ages!

When your party-goers step in front of a green screen to get their images taken, they probably don’t realize they’re opening the door to being transported to a multitude of places. As soon as their images hit our computer screen, they can manipulate them by changing up the background. Their selections will be preset by you, allowing you to provide as few or as many backdrops as needed to match your event.

Once your guests are satisfied with their photos, they can gain access through our software. This enables them to send their images across the web through social media. They can even text pics to friends and family who couldn’t make it to the big event.

Choosing backgrounds to use

Your imagination is the only thing you need to come up with brilliant green screen backdrops! Having trouble coming up with ideas? We’re happy to help! Throw some animation in the mix with a GIF booth and let your imagination run wild. 

Give us a buzz today by sending us a message online or contacting our team via phone. We’ll help you not only pick out the perfect backdrop options but help put together a photo booth rental package that matches your budget.

Get started today!