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Event Photo Booth Rental in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania

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So you’re looking to rent an event photo booth? We think that's a great idea.  Pixilated is the leading photo booth for Maryland, DC, Annapolis, and Philadelphia. Our goal is to bring the fun everywhere we go! We have experience bringing open photo fun to hundreds of venues in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic. Our open air booth gives the best experiences for you and your guests to feel uninhibited, allowing the true colors of the event to shine. Pixilated wants to catch those moments where you can see personality so you can look back and see the atmosphere YOU created. 


So what does 'bringing the fun' even mean? Well, it means a party within a party; at a great price! Our booth captures weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and more. Proms? Mitzvahs? Baby Showers? Bridal Showers? Don’t worry, we got it. It means prints, live slideshows, backdrops, props, stop motion videos, and maybe a green screen.  But, above all, we help provide quality memories that will make you laugh and smile! Do you want to spread the word with your booth? We provide customization and integrate seamlessly with social media platforms and email/text message sharing. For us at Pixilated it means providing superior service for any task, from elegant weddings to outrageous parties.


Remember at the end of the day the Pixilated experience means you get to walk away with superior images of your most memorable moments and the ability to share with as many people as possible. Every event is unique, and we at Pixilated understand that. 

Awesome Photo Booths for Events Worth Sharing

What happens when you book a photo booth? You take your experience to the next level.

At Pixilated, we travel around the Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore areas, fostering fun at all kinds of events. You name it! Our goal is for you and your guests to have a world-class rental experience beyond all expectations.

We think of photo booths as destinations for true camaraderie, spending time with friends, and enjoyment at every level. Think your quiet coworker or family member would never ham it up for the camera? Think again. We’ve seen party guests of any age become the life of the party. They just needed a reason to let loose, which is what our event photo booth allows them to do.

Are you ready to have the time of your life at your next event? Turn to Pixilated for an event experience you didn’t know existed!

Top of the Line Technology

Ever been disappointed by grainy photo booth pics that discolor and fade soon after the show is over? We’ve been there. That’s why we use world-class technology to ensure you get perfect photos.

What’s the secret sauce? It’s the type of images we take and the printing system we use. We’ve searched far and wide for the best equipment, and we’re happy to say we found it. Anyone who uses our photo booth at your event will get their snaps back in seconds, and those snaps will look amazingly crisp and clear.

Personalized Rental Packages

 Is your get-together a one-size-fits-all experience? Never! And we treat it with the respect it deserves.

From the moment you start working with our Pixilated team, we ask tons of questions. Our objective? Make sure we fit your overall image. No matter what kind of event you’re envisioning, we can help. We’ll even be able to tell you about our options, such as GIF-creators, that you’ve never seen in a photo event booth before. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions, help build a package or provide booking information. Give us a call our contact us online.

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