Fun, hip and ready to ship!

The PixiTAB is a self-service, digital photo booth. We ship it directly to you with simple instructions for set up and pre-paid return shipping.

All you have to do is turn it on, connect to wifi, and you're ready to start taking funky photos with your friends!

Our themes include branded photo booth screens and photo overlays & filters. No matter the occasion, we have created an amazing photo experience that your guests will never forget.

Click here to browse our available photo booth themes.

You’ll be able to submit your theme selection during the checkout process.


Booking is easy

  1. Choose your theme

  2. Book instantly online

  3. We’ll ship to you

Set up in minutes

  1. Unbox and power on

  2. Connect to WiFi

  3. Start taking photos!


We have themes for every occasion

Interested in creating something completely custom? Our on-staff designers are ready to help you create a custom theme for your event! We can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us here.

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PixiTAB Home Screens

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the PixiTAB include a backdrop?

    Backdrops are not included. Get creative with DIY backdrops or decor within your event space.

  2. Do I need to have WiFi access?

    Yes! When you turn on the PixiTAB, you’ll be prompted to connect to your WiFi network. If you don't have access to Wifi or the Wifi times out, the PixiTAB will automatically go into "Offline Mode." In Offline Mode, PixiTAB only stores photos that were not received via email or text due to WiFi connectivity issues.

  3. What software does PixiTAB use?

    The PixiTAB runs on Pixilated's own proprietary photo booth software platform, PixiCloud.

  4. How do my guests receive their photos?

    Guests receive their photos by email or text.

  5. Are all of the photos saved?

    No, only photos that users send are saved. If a user does not send his or her photo to an email or phone number, the photos are not saved to the event gallery.

  6. What happens if I have technical difficulties?

    Upon booking, you'll receive a digital download of instructions for set up and troubleshooting. The troubleshooting guide contains a direct phone number to our support team.

  7. Does it have to be plugged in?

    No! PixiTAB runs on a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours. If your event is multiple days, charge the PixiTAB overnight for non-stop wireless photo booth fun!

  8. Does the PixiTAB have Instant Printing?

    Yes, you can add instant printing to your PixiTAB order during the checkout process!

  9. How do I choose my photo booth theme?

    Browse our wide selection of prebuilt themes in our shop! Once you find one you like, you’ll be prompted for your selection during the checkout process.

    Our standard themes include Pixilated branding. If you’d like to upgrade to include your branding instead, we’ll replace our logo with yours on the screens and apply your logo to each picture as well.

  10. I don’t like any of the themes? Can I create a custom one.

    YES! Work with our team to create a completely custom design. Simply choose the “CUSTOM” option at checkout and we’ll contact you to get started on your vision.

PixiTAB Shippable Photo Booth

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