Milly, MHHM

Milly, MHHM

A centerpiece for all visitors

The PixiTAB I ordered for the Grand Opening of the MHHM was a great asset to our successful weekend. Not only did it arrive before I needed it, but it was easy to setup, use, & became a centerpiece for all visitors. We loved how quick and fun it was to just send a million pictures to ourselves and others.

- Milly, Founder of the Mini Hip Hop Museum

Ashlee, DRC

PixiTAB by Pixilated is the answer to all of my event photo problems!

The product itself gives me everything I need to create an additional brand touchpoint with the custom filters as well as an opportunity for fun engagement for guests. I love that the PixiTAB is small and easy to transport, doesn’t require a large footprint in the actual event space and doesn’t require troubleshooting or additional staffing throughout the event. The icing on the cake is the ability to capture that oh-so important contact information from guests that we want to stay in contact with post event. I would absolutely recommend PixiTAB for most any event and can’t say enough about how great working with the Pixilated team really is. 

- Ashlee, District Running Collective