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Inc.com 12.4.18

This Startup Is Transforming the Traditional Photo Booth Into a Powerful Marketing Tool

In 2011, Nicolas China attended a friend's wedding in Chicago and came across a product that would change his life: a photo booth.

Technical.ly Baltimore 3.1.17

Why a photo-booth company went all-in on software

Pixilated photo booths are known for adding a dose of fun to weddings and parties around town. When the cofounders of the company started five years ago, they recognized the power of the selfie...

Credit Union Insights 11.7.16

MECU, Baltimore’s credit union, kicks off 80th anniversary celebration

During this afternoon’s celebration activities ranged from $80 raffles to candid photos in a Pixilated photo booth...

Baltimore Magazine 11.4.16

Start Me Up

A regular entrepreneur event aims to make networking more fun...

Technical.ly Baltimore 10.9.15

3 lessons from #Failfest every entrepreneur should embrace 

To learn, you have to fail. The Baltimore Innovation Week event did not shy away from this painful truth...

Baltimore Magazine 9.1.15

My Top 10 by Patrick Rife

The Pixilated and Startup Soiree founder picks the items he can't live without...

What Weekly 7.29.15

Startup Soirée :: Meet Baltimore’s Game Changers

Startup Soirée was built from the ground up by four local entrepreneurs: Patrick Rife and Nicolas China, Co-Founders of Pixilated Photo Booth, together with Rachel Robinson and Jessica Gignac, Co-Founders of Intrinsic Events...

Technical.ly Baltimore 5.19.15

Here are Patrick Rife’s 3 favorite Startup Soirée Podcast episodes

A crash course on the personalities and points of view you'll find on the founders-focused podcast...

Creative Mornings Baltimore 10.24.14

Cross Over w/ Patrick Rife

Patrick Rife is co-founder of Pixilated Photo Booth and Startup Soiree. With roots in art and music Patrick’s daily pursuits and perspectives are informed by an artistic point of view...