63% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge

We’ve built a photo booth software platform that delivers


Photo Booth Marketing

Approximately 80% of executives believe that live events are vital to the success of their company. Photo booth marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your brand with faster lead generation and higher conversions.

Renting a photo booth for marketing makes it easy to turn your guests into instant avid brand ambassadors. With our unique and customizable branded photo booth and software, you can easily snap and upload photos to multiple social channels and spread the word about your brand, corporate event, and business.


Photo Booths Built for Brands

Pixilated is an innovative marketing technology platform... masquerading as a photo booth.

Our photo booths are equipped with state-of-the-art Mirrorless cameras and are based in the cloud, but that's not all.

We provide everything you need to customize it to look exactly the way you want:

  • Custom brandable overlays
  • Brandable "billboards"
  • Branded fabric backdrops
  • Green screens
  • Light painting and many more

We also offer special services for event marketing including:

  • Instant data collection for lead generation
  • Email list building
  • Digital photo sharing stations

We’ll work with you to create a perfect design for your photo booth to make it attractive, eye-catching, and irresistible. Your guests will simply love it, and they’ll be happy to take funky and exciting photos to share with their friends online. After sharing these photos, your brand has the opportunity to be noticed by thousands of people within a few minutes.

Your branded photo booth gives you a chance to create a buzz about your product. Your prospects and customers will develop a greater affinity for your brand as you also easily collect vital data like email addresses in a light-hearted way.

How It Works


Turn Guests Into Brand Ambassadors

It's quite easy to use branded paraphernalia to turn your guests into brand evangelists during and after an event. With Pixilated, you can have a photo booth customized with pictures and logos. Each photo can contain your logo, hashtag, company name, and marketing message. Our photo app makes this process very simple. We also help you reduce the cost of printing and give you an opportunity to create a variety of branded photos.

Plus, your branded photo booth will help you increase your social media shares and expand the reach of your marketing event. Images can be shared instantly after the photographs are taken. Easily collect your prospects’ email addresses, so you can distribute the event photos by email.

For fast exposure, all photos can be instantly uploaded to major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest with hashtags that make tracking simpler and faster. Our photo app also helps you create an animated GIF photo sequence.


The Pixi Cloud Features


Event Marketing To Reach Millennials

Roughly 50% of marketers cite their main reasons for events are lead generation, sales and community building. Once your target audience includes millennials, you can use a photo booth to capture their interest.

Millennials treasure novelty and technology. Your corporate photo booth gives them:

  • Access to social media – Millenials love to take HD selfies and group photos and post them to their social media accounts. At the photo booth, they can take higher quality pictures compared to what their smartphones capture. They can also share their most recent image and tag it for their friends on Facebook.
  • Opportunity to capture a special event – Millenials love to capture life experiences, especially ones that don't occur often. They also treasure higher quality images, so when you snap them in your photo booth, they’ll spread the word.
  • A reason to share something with friends – Millenials are accustomed to sharing, but they also like to bring their friends along. If they enjoyed their experience at your photo booth, they’ll most likely bring their friends along for another event. Because visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than any other kind of content, social sharing is a strong catalyst for repeat business.

Pixi Android Application

Your Newest Social Influencers Are Waiting

Approximately 95% of adults ages 18 - 34 will most likely follow a brand through social media networking. Further, 71% of customers who had a positive experience with a brand will most likely recommend it to other people.

Your guests don't only want to enjoy your event. They want to share it with others. With a photo booth from Pixilated, you have a chance to promote your brand through each guest’s social network.

Every second, thousands of photos are shared on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Imagine how far the news of your event's success will spread when attendees share their photo booth pictures.

With a little effort, your event's hashtag could be trending on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The fun and happiness generated from your photo booth will resonate and attract so many other people to your event and company.

Try Our Photo Booth Marketing Solution Today

Getting guests to automatically post pictures to their social media walls through their smartphone has never been easier than it is with Pixilated. Plus, guests will enjoy being part of a great event that gives them an opportunity to laugh and have fun.

Pixilated offers you the premier open-air photo booth that meets both your event marketing and lead generation needs. Get the best-branded photo booth for your next event. Call or email us now for a free quote and consultation today!

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